Welcome to Reynolds Diner

If you’ve never been to a pop-up restaurant before, you’re in for a treat. Imagine a restaurant with the atmosphere of a private dining room, where you can speak to everyone without fear of being ejected, and eat top quality food prepared by a professional chef.

Dozens of happy customers have sampled the delights of our pop-up dining experience in the last twelve months. We’ve been serving up classic Japanese cuisine: sashimi, nigiri, tempura, teriyaki, gyoza and lots more. And we’ve also added the fun factor by giving everyone the opportunity to roll their own sushi.

But with Spring just around the corner – the weather robot said so on the radio – we’ve decided to swap our kimonos for Flamenco dresses. So it’s out with shimmering sushi and in with tasty tapas.

Why don’t you join the crowd and come for tapas? You’ll meet some interesting and lovely people and eat lots of delicious food in a very stylish environment. We’re in a leafy part of Brighton and Hove and very easy to find.

We’re booking now for Saturday 18th May so come and join the fun. Email eat@reynoldsdiner.co.uk or call Catherine 07799 265424.


Catherine and Steve